August 10, 2008

This is a suggestion to all those retards out there that think that “South Ossetia and Abkhazia were never parts of Georgia” and that “Stalin gave them to his hairy tribe” go read a book you fcuking retards! Start with the alphabet and gradually increase difficulty. I bet you don’t even know that Hawaii is a state, not country. So unless you’re a complete retards, stop licking putin’s ass and read a book!

P.S. Hair is sign of increased testosterone content, increased testosterone is what normal women love. So, may be you retards are pissed that Georgians are getting all the love and you don’t?!



August 10, 2008

“The current escalation of military conflict resulted in part from the lack of a neutral and effective peacekeeping force operating under an appropriate UN mandate,” Obama said. “Russia cannot play a constructive role as peacekeeper.”

DUH! I never got why would they allow russia to be the only peacekeeper in the regions in the first place! It’s like getting a fox to guard chickens, or a wolf to herd sheep. But I think the main reason is that noone really saw Georgia as a real country worth of UN’s attention. Not that UN does anything, but still. Every conflict saw UN forces arriving to mediate the seittuation, except Abkhazian and South Osetian conflicts. Instead the “friendly” “northern brother” of Georgia did a huge “favor” and took under it’s control the breakaway regions. Then slowly but surelly made sure, everyone in the republics got russian passports, becoming direct subjects of kremlin.

Who has ever done that? What country issues it’s passports to citizens of another country living in their homeland? And then proclaims them it’s citizens and subjects of defense? What if it was happening with, say, France. What if russia started issuing passports to the French living in France and claiming they were russian citizens? Would Europe allow that? Would any sane man allow that? But it happened in case of Georgia. Noone recognizes Abkhazia and South Ossetia as independent states, and yet, russia treats them like so. Totally ignoring Georgia and the entire world. Well, of course, russia can afford to ignore everyone. But how long will it continue?! In the modern world there’s this huge entity that won’t change it’s ways and remain a bully in the school.

And yet again, russia sucks! And stinks! 95% of it’s population lives below the poverty line. 90% of men and 70% of women are alcohol addicts dying of alcohol poisoning. Homeless children living in ruins in moscow, doing drugs and dying of overdose. And instead of taking care of them, the retard putin has it’s eyes on Georgian territory.

Russia sucks!


August 10, 2008

I am sure, most of the people don’t even know what the conflicts in South Ossetia and Abkhazia are about. Some might think Georgia is trying to conquer little peace loving nations and enslave their people. Others might think Georgia is trying to cut parts of russia off.

Let me tell you an example: Imagine that Mexican population of Arizona demanded autonomy from USA and since they are significant part of the local population, they got it. Then after some time their population increased. English language was rarely heard. Everyone spoke Spanish. Older generation of Mexicans were getting along with the locals, but the new generation separated themselves and were kind of aggressive against locals (meaning the initial American population). There were occasional clashes between Mexican and American youth. And then, all of a sudden they declared that Arizona was always part of Mexico, USA invaded it, and they want to break away from the invaders and rejoin the mother land, Mexico. Mexico sent troops to support Mexicans living in Arizona.

I know, this would never happen, but that’s almost what is happening in Abkhazia and so called South Osetia. They both are parts of Georgia from the ancient times. South Osetia is actually Samachablo, ancient Georgian region. There were no or little Ossetians living in Samachablo in the beginning of 20th century. Then after annexation of Georgia by russia ossetians poured in from North Osetia, that is part of russian federation, gradually becoming majority. That prompted Soviet Georgia to declare Samachablo, the historical part of Georgia, South Ossetian Autonomous District (not a republic).

Same thing with Abkhazia. Historical Abkhazians were Georgian tribe, like Mengrelians, Svans, Lazs, Kakhs etc. Those that live in Abkhazia now, and call them Abkhazians are actually Caucasian nomadic tribe that during last several centuries settled in Abkhazia and again, became majority. Actually they also became Georgians, but in 1990’s there were a couple of retards that decided that Abkhazia was their historical land and Georgia occupied it. They also decided that it should be liberated from Georgian tyranny and joined to loving and caring russia.

Now, unlike South Ossetia, that has no significant strategic or territorial interest to russia, Abkhazia is HUGE for russia: It is conveniently located on one of the best shores of The Black Sea; There is a steep increase in sea depth near the shore, that will allow perfect military marine base creation; Plus there was a secret military facility in Abkhazian town Eshera in the Soviet era, that could cause earthquakes in any given point of the USSR (at least, may be even world). I bet the facility is still functioning and russians would hate to hand it over to Georgia.

What’s the bottom line? Right! russia sucks! russians, get the fudge outta Georgia, live Georgia alone, you rottin’ stinkin’ farty ghost of a superpower with prehistoric ambitions of world domination! It’s 21st century! Get a life!

Once again, to make myself clear: russia sux!

What the Fudge!!!

August 9, 2008

After long-lasting confrontation between russian and georgian governments it has happened! Russia has got the chance to invade Georgia, an independent European country that is trying so hard to overcome the post soviet problems and build democracy. I don’t think South Osetia means a lot to russia (yes, I am not capitalizing russia, cause it sucks), it’s just great opportunity to teach Georgia a lesson for being so willing to join European community and the entire world in building future world. Plus russians have always hated Georgians. Because russian women adore Georgian men for their bravery, their knightly character and respect to women, and of course their ability to satisfy women better than drunkard russian men. I am sure that is the main reason behind this war. But to get back to the seriousness of this topic, russia has defied all the principles of the modern international law. And mainly it’s because russia is sure the world can’t do squat to prevent it from doing whatever it feels like to do. Come on, think about it: America needs russia’s support in matters relating to North Korea and Iran, plus after retiring the entire shuttle fleet russia will be the only nation that can ferry humans to and from Space Station. Why would USA want to deprive itself of this kind of a partner?! Because of some tiny republic that wants to mind only it’s problems and build the society that is worth of being a part of civilized world? Never ever! What about Europe? russia is holding the entire Europe by it’s nuts (testes): any wrong move and it will really hurt! No one wants to leave it’s country without the russain natural gas. So Georgia is by far left alone against this rotten super power, that without even having the military potential can crush Georgia under it’s weight only. I say, screw russia! Wake up people, today it’s Georgia… Who russia will invade next? It surely shows signs of wanting to restore it’s world domination…

I say to European countries: buy gas from Iran and screw russia! I bet russia is worse than Iran…

Bottom line is: russia sucks. And putin blows and swallows.

BTW. putin has personal issues with Georgia and Georgians, ask him.